Does Xiippy track me via my card if it facilitates data transfer through it?

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Absolutely NOT.


In fact, the very fact that we have made tracking the data you receive and send via your card impossible even for ourselves is the whole innovative and inventive bit which makes Xiippy so good otherwise the concept of using your payment card to receive data should have existed years ago!


Key facts:


  • Your card details are not disclosed to Xiippy at all.
  • Xiippy maintains no knowledge of your card details, neither for in-store payments nor for online payments.
  • Instead of your card details, Xiippy uses a useless string (i.e. a card token) to generate a card fingerprint which it uses to route the data between entities.
  • Xiippy also uses smartly-designed cryptography functions and private keys - that Xiippy maintains no knowledge of - during the tokenization process to identify a customer to a merchant in a privacy-preserving fashion so that                        
    • The identifier remains the same in future transactions
    • The same card gets a different identifier for different merchant chains
    • Even if the data Xiippy maintains on its infrastructure are publicised, it will take years of power computing to be able to cross-check such identifiers and determine the same person was part of multiple transactions with different merchants.
      Note that acquirers and card issuers still DO track every move you make like before and in that sense, we are maintaining status quo even though we are adding a lot of data to payments. The important point is that with what Xiippy maintains from you on its infrastructure, one can not track your purchase history.
      In any other form or shape of doing what Xiippy does to enrich payments with data, this data will end up getting disclosed to parties that don't own the data, requiring full trust. Xiippy solves the data transfer problem without creating a new problem of disclosing the data to unwanted unnecessary parties who don't own the data in a zero-trust setup. This is a materialisation of consumer data rights to the fullest levels.
  • All data transferred via Xiippy is end-to-end encrypted. This means the data gets encrypted before leaving a POS system and decrypted at end consumers' devices with keys unknown to the whole universe, except for the merchant and the shopper.


This is complex, new and innovative the like of which does not exist. Without solving the privacy issues which Xiippy has successfully managed to do, it would be impossible to enrich payments with data without disclosing that extra data to unwanted parties!

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