What is Xiippy?

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Xiippy is world’s first and only privacy-preserving data-rich payments provider.


We provide in-store and online payment terminals/solutions PLUS online dashboards to merchants of all sizes with a big difference: All our payments are data-rich and come with extras for different parties.


Backed by 5 patents, Xiippy smartly and inventively makes it possible to establish a two-way completely-private end-to-end encrypted communication channel between merchants and their customers to send/receive private data seamlessly through payments without the need to exchange contact details.


Smart receipts (from merchants to shoppers), loyalty/rewards card numbers/identifiers (from shoppers to merchants), catalogues, product recall notifications and COVID test recalls are all examples that Xiippy can add to and embed in a normal in-store or online payment seamlessly, all without such data being known to Xiippy or any other parties in the world!


Xiippy is a pioneer and is years ahead in data-rich payments and has successfully resolved all the barriers of adopting digital receipts at scale, i.e. retailer avoidance to share data, consumer privacy and standardisation (K. Fuchs et. al , 2019), thanks to end-to-end encryption and privacy preservation at both ends




  • For Consumers
    Xiippy payments are 1-step payments that come with seamless no-upfront-app-needed no-personal-details-needed end-to-end encrypted receipts & rewards for ALL cards
  • For Merchants
    Xiippy payments come with growth-generating advanced analytics, engagement, rewards & marketing dashboards to reach out to and engage all paying customers without the need to collect personal details at the counter
  • For Franchises
    Xiippy payments come with all-of-chain marketing, reporting, and CRM dashboards plus instant settlement and collection of franchise fees as part of daily sales
  • For Acquirers:
    A limited number of elite acquiring partners get to take their payments to the next level via our unique methods of turning payments into data-rich payments to carry receipts and rewards seamlessly
  • For Card Issuers: A limited number of our elite card issuing partners can get to enable their consumer apps with privacy-preserving smart receipts and rewards
  • For POS developers:
    Our POS partners enjoy a revenue sharing model via our partners programs and get to enable their product offering to the next level via smart receipts, seamless 99.9% coverage of rewards programs for all payers, as well as privacy-preserving customer identification via payments

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