Setting Up the User Master Key

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A User Master Key is used to privatise and protect access to your itemised sales and other private data and assure that no party except yourself has access to such private data.

All the private data you work with under the Xiippy Business Owner's Portal is only decrypted when they arrive at your browser which means such data is not saved on Xiippy infrastructure in plain format.

To make this decryption process possible, each user within the dashboard has to have a User Master Key that they must create before being able to perform certain actions in the dashboard.

Accordingly, this screen enables you to create a User Master Key.

Step 1

Press the 'Step 1 Generate Key Pair' button to generate a private and pubic key pair. These keys are generated in your browser. The private key is never shared with Xiippy whilist the public key is saved in your Xiippy profile.

Step 2

Press the 'Step 2 Export Your Private Key' button to export your private key in PEM encoded format. You must maintain this key in a secure fashion and treat it like a secret.

Step 3

For ease of access and preventing the need to carry your Private User Master Key every time you log in, you can encrypt the Private User Master Key you generated with a Master Password and then save it in your profile. Your key will be encrypted in your browser and your password is not saved on Xiippy infrastructure in any form or shape or derivation. Please mind that this password can only be reset by providing the original Private User Master Key that you exported in the previous step.

User Master Key Screen

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